Wednesday, 10 July 2013

When We Win Promotion...

That’s what I will be thinking on my way to Morecambe next Tuesday night.

Yes, I do mean this forthcoming season. Why not? It’s just a game between two sets of 11 players who merely need to kick an inflated pig bladder between two sticks and into a net. Simples.

If you start the season with the mentality that you are 'happy if we stay up' and 'not get relegated' then it’s going to be a long arduous and depressing season.

The aim of the game is to win. Win every game. That is the aim. The aim has to be to win.

And as a fan our job is to believe that we can win every game. I don’t think for one minute that we will win every game. That’s realism. Football is not about realism. It’s about dreams, it’s about passion and belief. It’s about wanting to kick every ball and save every shot. It’s about working all week with the knowledge that you can go to the Turf on Saturday and live your dreams. It’s about shouting and screaming to motivate your team to victory. It’s about being part of a clan of Claret, not knowing the person next to you, yet knowing enough to know he’s (or she’s) on your side and shares your common gusto.

Football is entertainment. Win, lose or draw, you are still entertained. However, sometimes it may not be to your liking. That’s fine. That’s life. That’s football. Go to the pub and discuss it with your mates. Then, next week, who cares because it’s time to start all over again. They all start 0-0. We start even no matter who the opposition is. That dream should be alive before every game.

And when the time comes that we cannot get our name on the Championship trophy then we will make the play-offs. And if that becomes mathematically impossible then we shall finish as high as we can. If we get dragged in to a relegation fight then so be it. But until the day comes that Sky Sports sources tell us we are relegated we will believe.

We’ve done it before. We believed against Orient when Ian Britton scored. We believed when Roger Eli fired a header past Peter Shilton. We believed one night in York when John Francis scored. We believed when Gary Parkinson found the net against Stockport County. We believed when Glen Little smashed the ball in at Scunthorpe. We believed when Ade Akinbiyi bagged at Stamford Bridge. We believed when we were 3-0 up after 90 minutes against Spurs. We believed when Steven Thompson volleyed in from the edge of the box at Reading. We believed when Wade Elliott whipped in that magical goal at Wembley. And we certainly believed when Robbie scored... no not against Manchester United... the opener away at Ewood!

This is what football is about. This is what being a Burnley fan is all about.

We may not have bundles of cash. We may not have millionaire players. We may not have fans from every corner of the globe. What we have got is a history and tradition that most clubs in this country can only dream of.

But most importantly of all we have you, the fans and Burnley fans are the most passionate, loyal, zealous, enthusiastic and fanatical fans in the whole world.

So as I was saying, when we get promotion…

Up the Clarets.

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