Monday, 6 May 2013

Vintage Clarets Unveil New Retro Kit

Roger Eli talks about the Vintage Clarets' new retro kit.

The Vintage Clarets pulled on a new retro jersey last Sunday when they took on Burnley Boys Old Boys at Accrington Stanley’s ground in memory of Eamonn Kilbride.

The bespoke shirt is based on the one worn in the 1920/21 Championship-winning season when they played 30 games without defeat, a record that stood for 83 years until finally being surpassed by Arsenal in 2003/04.

Eli said: “We wanted to capture the true meaning of vintage. We think this new kit really symbolises the true history of Burnley Football Club.”

The Clarets line up in that illustrious season included legends such as Billy Watson, Jerry Dawson, Joe Anderson, George Halley and Tommy Boyle.

“The players that represented this famous old club back in the 1920s rarely get a mention in today’s financially driven game," Eli added.

“We’ve even got proper tie tops. Although it has got our sponsor, Total Glass, on the front which I don’t think was on the original.”

The kit has been made by MG Sportswear and will be available to order on the Vintage Clarets website soon. The VCs play matches throughout the year on behalf of the Burnley Former Players Association (BFPA).

“Playing for the VCs has always been special; it's basically an extension of our playing career but without the running. It's great to be able to help and support whether it be charities or clubs who are looking to bring in some much needed revenue through by us turning up and playing a game," Eli said.

“Also a special mention to the BFPA, the former Clarets association, which is the brainchild of Veronica Simpson and Peter Briggs whose remit is to try and support any former Clarets who are having difficulties, for example the Gary Parkinson Trust.”

The VCs soon head off to Germany for the 36th Annual Football Tournament to be held over the weekend of May 17th to 20th at Hammer Spielvereinigung 03/04 in Hamm complete with their new tops.

“To compete in this retro Burnley shirt will bring all the memories flooding back to us. We may be a lot older but we will all be driven to success wearing the famous Claret & Blue once again," said Eli.

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