Sunday, 31 March 2013

Vintage Clarets Sponsorship Packages

The Burnley FC Former Players Association (BFPA) are pleased to offer you a chance to sponsor the Vintage Clarets on their forthcoming tour of Germany in May 2013.

The highly competitive veterans football tournament will encompass a number of games at the 36th Annual Football Tournament, to be held over the weekend 17 to 20 May 13 at Hammer Spielvereinigung 03/04, Hamm, Germany. The highly regarded competition will include a number of veteran teams from a multitude of European nations, including former international players from Spain and Germany.

Throughout the tournament a video diary, together with constant and coverage will provide Burnley FC supporters with up to date reaction and game information including but not restricted to; fixtures, results and comments from individual players. In addition former Burnley FC players will wear personalised sponsored shirts at training and before every game, plus exclusive interviews will be recorded for viral broadcast on the official website as well as the dedicated BFPA channel. These recordings will provide exclusive advertisement space for your company, if you were to take up this offer.

It is already confirmed that the Vintage Clarets will be taking at least 14 former Burnley FC first team players to the tournament, which has already been part subsidised by the Burnley Former Players Association. Former players already confirmed for the tour include Clarets fans favourites Roger Eli, John Francis, John Deary and Peter Mumby.

This amazing opportunity is available for a short period and will be offered as only a first come 
first served basis. 

Further details regarding the available sponsorship packages are available via Veronica Simpson 0797431099 or John Deary on twitter @loafydeary


Peter Briggs

BFPA committee member


Gold Standard £500 

1. Main Sponsors of Vintage Clarets, company logo seen in all (4) former player interviews.

2. All player training shirts will carry 
advertisers logo (shirts will be worn on prematch team/individual photographs and interviews).

3. Mentions on official website/Facebook/
Twitter feeds in conjunction with tour.

4. Former player of choice to record 
personal advertisement for company.

5. Signed Vintage Clarets match worn shirt 
with COA.

6. Signed Vintage Clarets football with 

Silver Standard £250 

1. Secondary Sponsors, company logo seen all (4) former players interviews.

2. Signed Vintage Clarets match worn shirt 
with COA.

3. Signed Vintage Clarets football with 

Bronze Standard £150 

1. Minor sponsorship, company logo seen in all (4) former players interviews.

2. Signed Vintage Clarets match worn 
shirt with COA.

Individual Sponsorship £50 Per Player 

1. All player training shirts will carry advertisers logo (shirts will be worn on prematch team/individual photographs and interviews).

Social Media Influence

Burnley Former Players Association broadcasts on a multitude of diverse web connected
media, which reach a large number of Burnley FC supporters, here are a few numbers to help
you comprehend who would be likely to see any future content and therefore your company

Facebook Over 200 likes

Twitter Over 500 followers

YouTube Over 7,500 views of channel

Official website Over 9,000 hits

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